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So my mum makes me laugh. Our conversation at dinner went like this.

*i pod in background John Barrowman song comes on*

Me: I love the Barrowman
Mum: Me too. Is he married?
Me: Yup. To a man called Scott.
*pause, mum looks confused*
Mum: Pardon?
Me: Yes he's married, to a man called Scott.
Mum: Oh.
*mum thinks a bit*
Mum: So how does that work?
* my turn to be confused*
Me: What do you mean?
Mum: I mean if two men get married... Are they like... Husband and Husband??
Me: Uhhh... Yes. What else would they be?
Mum: I don't know! *thinks a bit* Gay??!!

I worry about her sometimes!!


If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE. When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your LJ and see what your friends come up with.

Stolen from angieboo878 !!

Daddy Winchester Bear!

This is a super quick update because I don't know how long my computer is going to keep working! I just need to say a HUGE thank you to absdax who is AWESOME, and made me some spiffing leather pants for my Daddy Winchester Bear! They arrived Friday which was amazing timing since I'd had a really long and stressful day at work!

Thanks so much you're a legend!!! I'll post pictures when my computer stops being bitchy and doesn't keep randomly shutting down for no particular reason!!! xxx

May. 3rd, 2009

I'm having SUCH a good time in Manchester. Seriously. It's so cool! I'm such a geek I'm really excited about getting back to work, because I'll actually be able to work on proper cases once I've got this training under my belt!

I'm also very, very excited about Asylum!! Even though it's going to be very expensive. I really don't care!

Hope everyone's shiny and a very special congrats to my lovely elektrik_storm  for handing in her diss!! *mad applause*

Junes you all! xxxx

Apr. 17th, 2009

So yay I managed to get into the Friday Autograph Session!!! Woooooo!!! Very excited I got everything I wanted.

So now I'm off to Leeds for the weekend (haven't bought a present for t birthday girl yet), then off to Manchester Metropolitan Police for my three week training!! Lol...

So I want to take my laptop with me but am not sure I will because bertybot9  stole my laptop case. And also no point if there's no internet and I have no idea if there will be!! Lol... 

So I may or may not be out of contact for this entire week, or I may take my laptop with me! Lol... Helpful I know...


EDIT: Now am definitley NOT taking my laptop with me, so unless I can get my i-pod touch to connect with wireless access I won't be in contact over the net until next Friday evening. Wish me luck on my course! Lol... Lets hope my brain is in gear!



*fingers crossed for Friday Autograph session*

On another note, I hate some fangirls. Seriously. Just get OVER yourself. So what if the page loaded slow??? It did for everyone.
*stabs out eyes*
Imagine the pain of the people on dial up.


I realise I've sort of dropped off the face of the earth recently... This is largely due to having a proper growed-up job!
But anyway, instead of taking any time to update you on the last 10 weeks (apparently the last time I posted) I'm going to skip right today.

I am having a good day. Slept in, had a cup of tea, went to get the post...
I had...
1) My Supernatural magazine (elektrik_storm I still love you beyond words for this gift...)
3) My Asylum 2 Convention DVD!

Rajy is in India so can't squee with her.... SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

*runs of to watch the DVD* !

Jan. 15th, 2009

Ah, so I've not quite got back into the swing of posting on lj all the time yet... I've been neglecting other peoples journals and will try and catch up and comment when I get back from London.

So life updates! I got the job I was hoping for as a Forensic Analyst with the Police and will be starting as soon as my references and security checks go through! Am totally psyched and really, really nervous at the same time! I really hope I can pick up and learn what I need to learn quickly! Even though I'm trying not to freak out, I kind of am, because I've never had a proper adult job before, and I don't really know what to expect!!

Anyway, am going to London tomorrow with my mum, we're going to see Wicked, which was my Christmas present and I'm really looking forward to it!!
We'll be back Saturday afternoon though because I have a driving lesson, which sucks because I was originally planning on stoping off to see cosmic_llin  for a few days. But hey, that's what happens when you don't pass your test first time!
Speaking of tests, I've got my new one on Tuesday and am REALLY not looking forward to it because I NEED to pass or it's going to be really difficult to get to my new job as it's based in St Asaph!

I had loads of other stuff to say, but I can't remember anymore... Am tired and I still need to dry my hair and I have an early train tomorrow so I best be off to bed!!
Junes!!!! xxxxxx

New Years Resoultions

Ok, so I've decided to commit my resoultions to the online community so I cannot escape them!!!
  • I plan to firstly improve my health. This includes exercising more, starting with jogging on Thursdays with[info]deccaboo and doing my workout DVD at least five days a week AND taking up swimming again. This also includes getting my eating habbits back on track. And lastly, but probably most importantly getting something done about my arthritus and allergies. This will mean actually going to see a speacialist like the doctor told me to, and taking my Glucosamine EVERY DAY. I can't cope with my wrist anymore and it's ridiculous that I'm not doing something about it when I can.
  • I also plan to get a job. This means being more pro-active about applying for the ones I want even if I don't think I'm qualified for them, because there's no telling till I try. If by the end of Jan I don't have what I see as a 'proper' job, I'll go back to working in a care home, just to help with my finances until I can get on the right career path for me.
  • I plan to be better with sending out birthday and anniversary cards to family and friends. I will not miss a single one!
  • I will keep my diary EVERY DAY. It really helps me keep things on track and not be lazy.
  • I'll be better at keeping in contact with friends who are far away, and also my Dad.
  • I WILL pass my driving test
  • I WILL learn to play the guitar. If I haven't at least made a commitment to by the Summer, I'll sell it. Because at the minute it's gathering dust in a corner of my room!
  • And finally, I'll be more positive about myself. I've turned into such a winge lately and it needs to stop. I have a good life and a good circle of freinds and a loving family. There's no excuse for it and I need to simply buck my ideas up! My self-esteem is low to the point of being self-destructive and I'm the only one who can deal with it! I WILL make positive changes this year.
So there we go! My plans for 2009! I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009!

Dec. 18th, 2008

Just a quick note. I won't be online till Saturday probably. Am off to Eglwysbach and I have no internet acess or phone signal there! So if you text me I will get it, it just will be a few hours after you text me!

Have fun peoples!!!


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